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A collection of information on the objectives of Network+ certification from CompTia.

Help is welcome as I do not know it all.

Why we are hereEdit

Network+ is the base line test for all Networking people. It is published by CompTIA and is regularly updated. This Wiki is an attempt to use the 2011 Objectives (the most current ones) and create pages for each one. These pages would break down the topics in easy to understand manner.

This page is not sponsored by or endorsed by CompTIA. It is the work of a person who is studying for the test. I welcome any edits and input from anyone studying for the test as well.

When and if CompTIA updates there objectives, it is hoped that we would be able to update them here as well.

Objectives of testEdit

List of the domains for the Network+ test
Domain % of Examination
1.0 Network Concepts 21%
2.0 Network Installation and Configuration 23%
3.0 Network Media and Topologies 17%
4.0 Network Management 20%
5.0 Network Security 19%
Total 100%
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